Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EGP: 5 Button competition

Hi to all!

I have made my second game for Experimental Gameplay Project.

This time the theme was "5 button competition" and is just amazing, visit the  EGP site to check why.

My game is called "Crazy Fossil Fuel Racers" and is a 5 player racing game. Maybe it could look a mess at the beginning with  all that players at the same screen and place, but that's part of the gameplay. When 2 or more players drop from the race it becomes more interesting. Each race is very fast paced, so it's not a pain to wait for the next race.

Here you can download the game, as a compressed windows EXE

Here you can play it on the browser (1280x720 resolution, so probably it will fit better on fullscreen)

Update: Here you can watch it being played at the Stattbad Gallery

Thanks to OXullo for the recording it!

I hope you enjoy it!