Saturday, April 23, 2011

FleaZ - My Experimental Gameplay Project "Cheap Clone" game!

For my first Experimental Gameplay Project Contribution (Cheap clones)

I have chosen to clone some clones in a satirical way...

My target games to clone is the bunch of pet simulators that are available for Nintendo ds since the boom of Nintendogs (all that games with the name of an animal+letter Z at the end).

To add some extra weirdness points to my game I have chosen my old Amstrad CPC 464 computer (over 25 years old) to run my game. The oldest hardware I have is now used to make some satire of one of the latest games (Nintendogs) of the latest console (3DS)... well something so weird must be worth the time!

The workflow has been something like this in general terms.

-Idea + flowchart + "engrish" texts.

-Graphics made on Animanatee for dsi.

-40x25pixels(3colors ) to ASCII conversion.

-Locomotive basic coding on notepad++

-Winape to test the code and generate a .wav tape sound to load it on the real CPC

-Video recording.

-Stereo 3d to anaglyph conversion.


-Uploading to Youtube, linking,etc.

-Writing this.

Well I don't want to be boring, so:

Click here to play it over Youtube as an interactive video (captions must be enabled)

Or download here to get the source code in Locomotive BASIC, a .dsk image to load run it on an emulator and a .wav audio to load it on a real CPC464 ;-)

I hope you find it funny (I have had a lot of fun making it!)