Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First entry: MiniLD #25

The last weekend I decided to participate at the Mini Ludum Dare 25 contest. The theme was  "The Worst Game I Have Ever Made".
I had some bad ideas, but they evolved into "not so bad" ideas and I rejected them before starting the work. I decided to start working on the last bad idea I had and it was also evolving into a "not so bad" idea during the development. Maybe I should have made the proper changes to fit it better into the contest  idea but it was getting interesting and I decided to let the game development flow freely until the end.

The result is "Rock Paper Scissor Multi Dimensional Tournament" a five minutes flash game that features:
- Rock Paper Scissors gameplay.
-13 different enemies shown as photographs of old toys and objects in a cute Pokemon layout.
- 3 game modes including "current generation" game play so even your dog could finish the game.
- An end screen with a trophy and a lot of toys!

That's all, go and try it!

Thanks to Pierrec for the review (french)